How to share your 3D Printer and ask for help

Share your 3D printer design, progress, and final product here. This category is for all different types of adaptive manufacturing, including FFF, SLA, SLS, inkjet and more!

The one criteria for this section is that you built the 3D printer. Assembling from an open-source kit counts. This stipulation exists because I want to make sure this category doesn’t turn into technical support for commercial printer manufacturers like MakerBot and Ultimaker.

Naming your Topic

If you are building a known DIY design (e.g., Voron) then please include the name in the topic’s title. This will help forum visitors who are interested in that specific design find your thread. If you are building a unique design, then please include some details in the title about what makes your design special (e.g., large build envelop, tool changer, heated chamber, etc.).

How to ask for help. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Problems will arise during your build. Some of these obstacles can be insanely frustrating and possibly dangerous, so you will rightfully want a solution as soon as possible. Help us help you by providing as much relevant information as possible. A detailed description of the problem is a good start, but many problems will require part numbers and software files. A thoughtful question will often be met with a thorough answer.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s builds.

Dr. D-Flo