Free Software for design

I’m new to 3D printing and the CNC world, so of course i want to build my first printer to save money. i have a idea in my head for design and want to draw it up and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for free software.

fusion 360 was pretty good about free use of the personal use of it’s software but has slowly been getting more and more restricted. might still be worth looking at.

Thanks ya fusion only allows you to save 10 projects a year. I’m trying to put a 3D printer design using open build parts into CAD software. I don’t want to pay for it and a lot of the free ones disabled the ability to import the parts files or I can’t find part files in the format that works with the cad. So at this point I’m feeling like I might have to make all the parts myself or pay for a cad software and hope I can figure it out. Unless someone is able to help me.

here is one i came across that is a lot like fusion 360 but is free but it is a work in progress since i think it is open source.

Correction: Fusion allows you to have 10 “open”projects at a time. You can close older ones and open them back up later. The 10 “live” projects at a time hasn’t been an issue for me even with constantly building 3D models. Just wanted to clarify that. IMHO if you’re working with more than 10 projects at a time you probably aren’t a hobbyist. :slightly_smiling_face: