5 axis FFF printer

Hello all - im new to the forum. I am pondering building a 5x 3D printer. The configuration would be a gantry style machine with a nutating head that would hold the extruder. The 5th axis would be a rotary table on top of the X axis. After watching Dr’s youtube video How to Build a 3D Printer (The Ultimate Guide) - it does not look like any of the printer mother boards will handle 5X configuration. I really like the duet board. Im not an EE so i may not have grasped everything that board can do. Can any of these boards handle this configuration?

I work at a software company and im on a team of gifted people that develop our 5x additive software,DED,WAAM,FDM and Tape Layup. So i can create some fantastic toolpath. I also can write a post. I would like to have a FFF machine to test on. That is why i am going down this path. I probably will have the a basic machine designed in the virtual world with the correct kinematics to check motion in the coming week. I do everything in the virtual world first. Dr D if you could let me know if the boards would handle my project i can get into more detail.