How to Build a 3D Printer (FFF)

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Hello Dr. D-Flo,

I want to build your 3d Zdex printer and am wondering if you offer
tutoring with zoom or something like it.

From, Charlie

Hey Charlie,

At this time, I currently don’t provide assistance over Zoom or really any audio chat. I am more than happy to answer questions on this forum though. How much experience do you have with building 3D printers?

Thank you so much for your reply. I have never built a 3d printer but I have built a pc and a 3d pen. I’m in 7th grade. I’d like to do this project. I saw how to get the pieces and your video is really helpful. Any advice you have would be much appreciated.


I am looking at your documentation and the BOM seems incomplete. Where are the large metal side plates used for assembly of base frame called out.

Also what is the best material to 3D print the parts required and this also seems incomplete as I do not see anything for the display mounting…

Sorry about the incomplete walkthrough… I got caught up in my mill conversion and then the virus.

Is this the plate you are looking for?

The display mount was something that I found on Thingiverse: