Concrete 3D printer

Hi everyone, im new to 3D printing, and at University we are starting a project to build a 3D concrete printer, we are actually searching for parts to ensamble it. I would like to know if there are any recomendations you can give me. (materials for parts, set up of the framework, etc).

Thanks in advance.

Well it wont let me post in the cnc mill thread because it said I am limited to 3 posts due to being a new member…
Im currently working on my enclosure, Ive got to pick up some more 1 inch square tubing this week. Currently waiting on wiring for the stepper motors and aviation plugs to come in so i can finish the electrical box. That’s why i went ahead with the installation of the OS and linux cnc. What I’m reading online is the newest version of Probe basic will work with Debian 10. Have you heard different? I’m trying to wrap my mind around ini and hal files…I’m getting there. also, did you have any issues with your touch screen not working? I really appreciate the work you put into this project and the resources you have made available to us.