New PM-833TV Build Begins

Hello All,

I made some choices and bought a lot of stuff. Dave at AZCnC is almost ready to send the new ball screws. He emailed me yesterday and said that the new castings are different, but he is right on top of it and he is sending the new mount. I ordered the new motor, VFD and ClearPath Servos. I am now laying out the electronic for the box. I will be using Acorn. I am not interested in programing. I began tearing the mill down in preparation for the Ball Screws, new motor, Power Drawbar, Lubrication System etc. I have new spindle bearings and oil seal and I may go ahead and replace those while I am waiting for the Ball Screws. I will be replacing the head mount split loc washers (red arrow) with Nord-Loc washers. I do not want the head to wag without my permission). The picture of the mount (white cart thing) is a previous build of a manual plasma cutting table that I decided to convert to use with the PM build. It already has a flood coolant catch basin… I dropped a piece of 1/2" plate on top of some bracing for the base and braced the frame, cut the wheels off and moved them outside the footprint of the cart to support the back heavy Z axis. No Tippy!

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Looking good. I too used the Acorn board. The software is highly customizable, and the tech support forum is fantastic. For what it’s worth, the oil seal is hard to remove. I did not change mine and after time found that it works itself in and no longer overheats.

Good Luck… Richard


Thanks! I did buy a purpose built seal removal tool on Amazon. 20 bucks. I’ll let you know how it works. Same kinda deal on a Hydraulic Cylinder I think …similar anyway.

All the Best!