Strongly considering going ahead with the plasma project

I’ve got everything from the BOM added to my cart and I’m just sorta hovering with my mouse on the checkout button. Are there any alterations you’d make @Dr.D-Flo or any imminently looming releases I should know about? The wiffle waffle is strong on this one, ha.

Man I don’t want to lead you astray, but OpenBuilds keeps telling me that their new table is going to be released soon. No official date or anything so who knows…

Here’s what I can tell you. I am still running the table I built last summer (from the How to Build a Plasma Cutter Video) without issue. I am running it in a purely hobbyist setting, so not churning out parts, but I am using it a couple times a week.

My plan is to convert it to a CNC router table when they release their new table and I get my hands on that. Not sure if any of this changed your mind. A lot of fun to build and a CNC table will always be useful.

They told me the same thing, basically still making revisions and in the testing phase. I originally wanted a CNC router, being a woodworker. However, my full time job allows me access to what amounts to unlimited metal materials of various stripes along with customers coming through constantly. So…I was hoping the plasma would pay for itself relatively quickly. If not well…I want it anyway :slight_smile:

Now I’m sort of wondering how many alterations to the plans/BOM would have to be made to go with the 1515 Lead instead, since a lot of the material I’d have available is 48"+. I’ve already ordered a Primeweld Cut60 which is supposed to accommodate CNC very well. I appreciate your reply, and any thoughts/tips on going with the 1515. I, like you, would probably switch it back over when the official build is released and a larger table is…A larger table.

Did you see my Fasterproms plasma table build?

That was another OpenBuilds prototype and the X-axis was 1500mm axis. The tensioning system on the lead screw to keep it from wobbling at really long lengths was definitely a cool innovation.

I just saw it last night in fact :slight_smile: Nice build, and the tension was real before an escape route from the back of the U-Haul was found, lol. I’m rewatching the original plasma table build now, and it seems like really, I’d only have to alter the parts for the “table” portion of the BOM to accommodate the larger footprint of the 1515. I’m a little fuzzy at the moment though, 70 hours at work this week and another day to go. I think that is the way I’ll go. It just makes sense, tonight anyway.