How to share and ask questions

Whether you are converting an old Bridgeport or a new bench top mill to CNC, share your progress and ask questions along the way in this category.

The one criteria for this section is that your spindle motor is at least 1hp. This is for machines that are hogging out metal. See the CNC router category to share machines featuring smaller spindles.

Naming your Topic

If you are converting a known mill (e.g., G0704, PM-25MV, BridgePort, etc.) please make sure the brand and model are in the topic’s titles. This will help others who are thinking about converting that mill. Also, if possible please include any special features in the title that would make your mill stand out, like 4-axis, servo motors, etc.

How to ask for help. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Problems will arise during your build/conversion. Some of these obstacles can be insanely frustrating and possibly dangerous, so you will rightfully want a solution as soon as possible. Help us help you by providing as much relevant information as possible. A detailed description of the problem is a good start, but many problems will require part numbers and software files. A thoughtful question will often be met with a thorough answer.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s builds.

Dr. D-Flo