Japanese pre-converted CNC mill that I am bringing into the modern era with AC Servos, bigger spindle motor, and Linux CNC. Just starting out ordering materials and soon to order the servos. So far I have removed the old spindle motor and variable pulley assembly because I am replacing the variable drive system with a VFD. The old Bandit CNC stepper motors and control unit will be stripped off to put Linux CNC and some DMM AC servos in place.

Question to Dr. D-Flo:
I am using the same .75kW AC servos from DMM. What size breakers did you use for your drives?

Hey man! Sorry for my delayed response. Was super busy getting that SLS printer video out. I’m excited to see how this conversion shapes up.

I pulled this screenshot from DDM’s Servo setup video:

And I got this table from DMM’s website:


For the 0.75kW servo motors, you would need the H01 drive, which would require a 20A breaker.