Parts Unavailability

A couple items on the Resource list appears to be unavailable. The MESA 7i76e board and Solid State Relay from Automation Direct.

Does anyone know if the MESA 7i96S would be equivalent or close enough? I don’t want to go the route of full-size computer.

Also, the Crydom D1D12 solid state relay seems to be equivalent to the Automation Direct. Has anyone tried this or know of another replacement? The hyperlink solid state relay on the Resource list takes you to an Unregulated power supply. Don’t know why that is?

Therman Simmons
Fort Mill, SC

i actually used the 7I96S on my desktop machine it is a little bit cheaper than the 7I76E with a little less I/O. i think the 7I96S came about because of chip shortages. it works fine for a basic machine and can be expanded if you need more. i have not hooked up the spindle control yet but it does have encoder feedback for the spindle control.

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