Z Probe using BL Touch for Zidex printer

Hi David Florian,

Thanks for your detailed information about this Zidex printer DIY project. i followed all the process also i increased the size of the zidex frame 10cm each axis no problem until configuration and finally i am stucked in some last process which is probing i am using BLtouch sensor for probing Model name for sensor → Geeetech (3Dtouch V3.2), i bought two sensor for two separate ends, i connected one sensor in our duet board in probing pin point and for 5V input for this sensor i takened the input from our paneldue pin head now i can able to use the sensor for one end and can u please advice me for the another sensor where we can connect and how to update the motherboard for the another sensor. if this sensor is not suitable for this printer no problem i will remove that and i selected this sensor because the kit which you have mentioned in the material list i am unable to purchase from online because of the unavailability of the stock.