Zidex printer size

Hi All

I am working through the build a zidex feature film and really enjoying it. I have read all the website info on the build and shopping list etc, its fantastic and so helpful.

I have 2 questions though that i have not found yet. Maybe i missed it or maybe it gets answered later in the film but I thought i would throw it out there and see if anyone has the answers.

1/ What is the max object print size of the zidex?

2/ Can the print object size be increased by simply making the frame larger? Or is there alot more variables i would need to consider?


OK, so literally after i went back to continue watching the video you discussed bed size. But i still did not catch the maximum size this design. I assume that since the size of the v-rails used is 300mm then the print size will be approx 250mmx250mm.

Height i am yet to get too…

So if i want the freedom to work with a max size of 300x300mm i should go for v-rails of about 350mm?


Hi, I did build a ZIDEX with a 220mmx 220mm bed. On the original design the bed is 100mmX100mm. To add the larger bed I added 50mm to the Y axes and moved the X axes a bit to the front. I was hesitant to add more because the longer Y axes are the more torque is produced on the Z gantries and towers. Specially when printing toward the front of the building bed. I added an aluminum support plate to the X gantry with 10mm spacers. The spacers are needed to clear the stepper-motor at the end of the X axes.
The bed is mounted to the support with spring-loaded adjusters for leveling the bed.
If you want to go bigger that 220mmx220mm you need to add both to the X axes and the Y axes. Make sure to give enough room between the bed and the Z towers for the movement of the power leads going to the heated bed.
Unfortunately I have not been able to run the printer as I blow-up the power supply (It was switched to 115V and in Papua New Guinea we are on 230V). The smoke effect was impressive, wished I had a camera would have been a cool shot, revealing the ZIDEX-L :). Now I am waiting for a new power supply what would take a while.

I am also working on a large Zidex printer based upon Dr. D-Flo’s printer build. Mine is approximately 450mm x 450mm x 700mm. I am also using Linear Rails on all axis. I have both X and Y laid out, but still trying to decide on how to implement some features on Z.

I added some pictures.