Probe_Basic Python3

Something I’ve run across and successfully worked around recently is the issue with the combination of LinuxCNC + QtPyVCP + Probe_Basic as used by David on his PM-833TV build.

The issue is that Probe_Basic and QtPyVCP were originally built using Python2 which is VERY deprecated at this point. Conversions to Python3 have been done, but they aren’t particularly “user friendly” yet.

One of the developers ( James Walker from Wellington NZ joco-nz on github) developed a script to take a virgin installation of Debian 11 (bullseye) and install a PREEMPT kernel, LinuxCNC, QtPyVCP & Probe_Basic but as the development of LinuxCNC continued the script broke.

I found it while trying to solve the same problem and it was fairly easy to fix the shell script so I did and put in a pull request on his github repository with the fix.

If and until he merges that pull request, I have the fix on my fork of his script repository in mine

The process is fairly straightforward:

1] Install virgin copy of Debian 11 Bullseye ( v 11.5 at the time of writing ) DO NOT set a root password during install or you won’t be able to use the sudo command without fixing that first.

2] Enter the

sudo apt install git
mkdir ~/dev
cd ~/dev

git clone

or if James updates his repository

git clone

shell commands then

cd ~/dev/lcnc-bullseye-installer

then the script will install a realtime kernel into debian and restart the computer. After the restart, login again and run the above 2 commands in a terminal again to restart the script. When you are asked if you want a developer install or user, answer Developer, otherwise the script will not work.

Hopefully this will help someone.

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James accepted the pull request.

Thank you for putting in the pull request. My Intel NUC 5 threw in the towel over the weekend. Perhaps, too much coolant mist or an aluminum chip…

I will update some of my documentation on my webpage about the installation process if this all goes well. Thanks again!

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