Touch Probe Suggestions

I have been thinking about buying the Hallmark HTTP probe for some time. My wife just convinced me to buy it for my 60th birthday. Has anyone had any experiance with this probe.

If I remember correctly, I think Dr. D once used the Demtronics probe, but l thought he said it was not repeatable enough.

Please let me know your thoughts… Richard

I have used the Hallmark HTTP probe for about two years now! Great probe, easy to service. It comes from a small shop, so it is overpriced. But it is great to support owner/operators such as Cliff.

Thanks David. Since I am using the Centroid CNC12 software, I frequent that forum often. The guys on the Centroid forum convinced me to buy the Centroid KP-3 probe. I have been using it for one month and love it. It is similarly priced to the Hallmark.

Best… Richard