Arcade 1Up cabinet upgrade

Here is a link to one of my latest projects.
I hope you guys find it interesting. :slight_smile:
It started life as one of these.


Thanks for posting your project! Unfortunately, that link says that I don’t have permission to view the content. Could you update the link or post directly here?


Sorry about that, I’ll fix it after work.

Lets try this again. The folowing posts are just cut and paste from the original so ther may be some comment that don’t make sense without the posts from others but this will get the gist across.

I picked this up a little whileago for $20.
The whole thing is there short of a couple screws. Its main issue is no video output on the game board, so this will get a pi4 brain transplant or possibly udoo x86 board i have sitting o a shelf. The original display still works but I will be using an old IBM thinkvision monitor that is almost a perfect fit, until I get an hdmi to lvds driver board to use with the original display.

I’m not sure what I want to do with the cp yet. Most likely make a 2 player version with more elbow room to play comfortably.
These new cabs already have 2 speakers above the display instead of in the cp so no need to fix that. Maybe add sub/midbass drivers to get a little better sound.

Tell me what you guys think, toss around some ideas.

This is the old monitor that will go in until I get a driver board for the original.

I got the temporary monitor mounted after work today.

Here it is connected to my mame torrent computer. As you can see the sides are ok but the top and bottom are cut off a little so I will definitely be putting the original back in once the driver board has shown up.

Only small progress so far, but it’s a start.

A quick clip of the display that will replace the printed maquee with an active one.

Finally started layout testing for my control panel using a cardboard template.


Todays progress, gotta love laser cutters.
4 layers of mdf
1 layer of black posterboard
1 layer of acrylic

Ultimately this display is only temporary as I had dropped the screen which messed it up (hard to tell in the pictures). So I will be going with the largest screen I can fit, and that would be this one.

Thats awesome man! I love the use of the display for the maquee.

Once I get the bigger one ordered and the wood bits lasercut it should look even better.