Dan Julio Addressable LED Controller

I am looking at building a set of Dan Julio Addressable LED boards. With your website undergoing renovations I was wondering if you had an easy link to the OctoController stencil. I was able to find the stencil for the Driver board in hw_rev_2 from Dan Julio’s site, but not the stencil file for the OctoController.

If you go to Oshstencils.com you can upload the zip file from danjulio and it wil create the stencil. I ordered mine in July and the quality is good. Shipping time to Canada sucks though.

If you have not yet ordered boards I would use jlcpcb.com and avoid oshpark.com, jlcpcb has better price cheeper shipping cost faster shipping and better quality product. I ordered from both so I have first hand experence.

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Thank you for taking the lead here and helping out a fellow forum member. I really appreciate it!