Liquid-handling Robot Guide

Hi all,

I love the theme of this forum. I actually run a very similar community at that has more of a focus on commercial products for lab automation rather than DIY, but I know a lot of our users would be very interested in this site.

I am curious about the status of documentation for the DIY liquid-handling robot that @Dr.D-Flo has posted about on other sites. I can’t seem to find a parts list or instructions. I would love to use these resources to build a robot that is compatible with PyLabRobot, the open source robot interface.

Hi Stefan!

Very cool community you have over there! My automatic liquid handler design has its own website:

Let me know if you have any questions!

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It seems that the links to the parts lists are not working

Hi Stefan,

Once you reach the main website please just use the navigation there. This is a GitHub website and the links are case sensitive.

Ah, I see. The navigation buttons on the top of the page work for me but the ones above the video don’t due to the lower-case letters. Thanks!