LF end mill bits

I was wondering what end mill bits i should buy to be able to mill any of the brackets out of aluminum. preferably HSS and not carbide i will not be doing a lot of milling and I’m also new and don’t want to brake a expansive carbide bit in the prosses of learning. i just want the basics to bill out some brackets that ive seen drdflo use like all the brackets he uses in the large 3d printer build, but i will not be doing the drdflo logo.

A HSS 2 flute endmill would be a cheap option. HSS deals with shock much better on a less rigid machine. the down side to HSS is the lower rpm used while cutting so the feed rates get reduced quite a bit running HSS. Aluminum is easy to machine but can load up in the flutes if you don’t have cutting fluid and is something that you need to watch for. WD40 will work if you don’t have a mist coolant or flood coolant.

Im more looking for reasonably priced brands and which bits I’ll need to mill the brackets

sometimes MSC Direct will have sales on endmills that are reasonable in price so if you can get a sale price they carry decent cutters and ship them out fast. Amazon has them too if you have prime and get free shipping. i don’t think you are going to see much difference in brands on aluminum honestly.

MSC Direct will have pretty much anything you would need as far as size and LOC goes.