Improved One Shot Oiler - PM833TV

I am in the process of converting my PM833-TV to CNC. I have read a number of posts with complaints about the stock system not being able to control how much lube goes to various lubrication points and having excess oil leaking from the machine. I watched a Youtube by Franco (check out Franco CNC). His video was very informative and referenced a supplier on Ebay (Supercrown105).

After a number of email exchanges with the folks from Supercrown105 (they are extremely knowledgeable & helpful). They were able to assist in supplying all of the needed fittings, nylon tubing, manifold etc. I finalized the attached plan. Here is a how it works:

-The PM-833TV is equipped with JY-16 Hand Oil pump. It has two outputs. One output will be capped off.
-A 4mm nylon tube will run from the output of the JY-16 to an adjustable manifold (DB8A). This manifold has valves that control the flow of each of the outputs.
-Each output will have a check valve connected to it to ensure that there is no backflow. This should help minimize oil leaks.
-One of the outputs will connect via existing tubing to the Z-ways.
-One output will connect via existing tubing to the X/Y ways.
-Each of the remaining outputs will connect to the X, Y and Z ballscrew via 4mm nylon tubing with push to connect elbow fittings.

I have ordered all of the parts (fittings, tubing, check valves & manifold) from Supercrown105 at around $100.00. This setup should help minimize leaking and provide better control to how much lube goes to each point. I will keep you posted as I proceed with this project.

Thanks… Richard