DIY all-in-one/laptop case

The goal: create an all in one/laptop esque case with integrated monitor.

Inspiration: Briefcase PCs usually use exgernal monitors much smaller then the confines of the briefcase itself. I think this leaves a lot of unused real estate and looks unfinished.

What ive done: 3d printed brackets to serve as corner pieces for a briefcase the exact dimensions of a 23” monitor i had on hand. Combined with cut aluminum weather stripping this serves as the frame for the build. This will allow ample space for the components as well as what i believe is ample room for cooling.
Cooling: The height of the main chassis area is 65mm to allow for server blade cooling components including a watercooling block!

The issue: Currently once i got the lcd panel out of the monitor it became unresponsive. I believe this was due to damage to the LCD control module/power supply board. These two boards communicated to the LCD panel via a ribbon cable that i hoped to extend. Extending the ribbon cable i believe would allow me to move the monitor circuits into the main chassis.

Ive included photos of the concept/current progress of the project ,but would love the communities input on how to sleekly turn this into a modern briefcase PC!