Controlling WS2812B LEDs using arduino

Hi, I have 5 meters of WS2812B LEDs which I bought to create a motion activated bed light and a vu meter when a button is pressed. I have a arduino uno and a pir motion sensor, sound sensor and ws2812b LEDs I have 5v 20A SMPS and I use a 1000uf capacitor for power and 470 ohms resistor for data line. I need help with the schematics and the code. My led is 5m 60 per meter and ip67 rated. I am using fastled library. I don’t want to use a breadboard instead I decided to use zero pcb because I don’t know how to design a pcb


What kind of help do you need with the schematic? There is a schematic on my 100 Addressable LED Lights Arduino Build (Quick) video. Here is a screen grab:


Can you post your code? Or describe in more detail what problem you are having with your code? If you are new to programming Arduino then I strongly recommend checking out Adafruit’s Neopixel Guide.

I need to know how to add these two sensors to my arduino using my existing power supply and how to control the strip with these sensors and button. I know the simple code to control LEDs but not using sensors


I would need the model information for your pir motion and sound sensors. Make sure that they are 5V.

Have you seen this guide: Controlling an Arduino + LED by sound

Hi, thanks for your helpful tutorial video regarding the 100 RG led’s. however, the link on your website does not work. any link where I can see the full information for this project please?