Controlling WS2812B LEDs using arduino

Hi, I have 5 meters of WS2812B LEDs which I bought to create a motion activated bed light and a vu meter when a button is pressed. I have a arduino uno and a pir motion sensor, sound sensor and ws2812b LEDs I have 5v 20A SMPS and I use a 1000uf capacitor for power and 470 ohms resistor for data line. I need help with the schematics and the code. My led is 5m 60 per meter and ip67 rated. I am using fastled library. I don’t want to use a breadboard instead I decided to use zero pcb because I don’t know how to design a pcb


What kind of help do you need with the schematic? There is a schematic on my 100 Addressable LED Lights Arduino Build (Quick) video. Here is a screen grab:


Can you post your code? Or describe in more detail what problem you are having with your code? If you are new to programming Arduino then I strongly recommend checking out Adafruit’s Neopixel Guide.

I need to know how to add these two sensors to my arduino using my existing power supply and how to control the strip with these sensors and button. I know the simple code to control LEDs but not using sensors


I would need the model information for your pir motion and sound sensors. Make sure that they are 5V.

Have you seen this guide: Controlling an Arduino + LED by sound

Hi, thanks for your helpful tutorial video regarding the 100 RG led’s. however, the link on your website does not work. any link where I can see the full information for this project please?

Hi…I would say either power supply issues, low quality leds or overheating. How are the leds mounted? Would they be able to keep cool? Is it true that they are joined to something that can divert the heat? Can convection wind stream move hot air away from the strip? It is acceptable to get a 'scope on the electrical cables to check for steadiness or voltage spikes.