Ball screw size and configuration for PM 833t

Hello there:
I am looking for the ball screw sizes that you utilized in your CNC conversion. I am assuming that they are 20mm diameter, but looking for lengths of X,Y & Z. Overall length and length of machined ends would be great!

Thank you!

I apologize for my delayed response! I am finishing up a video and it is taking longer than expected.

These are just rough measurements for ball screws (20mm diameter):

X-Axis - Total Length: 860mm, Left shoulder (10mm diameter): 15mm, Right Shoulder (10mm diameter): 35mm, Right Shoulder thread length: 20mm

Y-Axis - Total Length: 490mm, Shoulder (10mm diameter) 80mm, Thread length: 45mm

Z-Axis - Total Length: 800mm, Shoulder (10mm diameter): 70mm, Thread Length: 50mm

Awesome. Thank you for doing that.

As a side note, you may want to consider adding a pneumatic cylinder on the z-axis to help offset the weight of the head.