PM-833TV Spindle Bearings and Oil Seal. What and where from?

Next question for the group…

Does anyone know the specs on the new spindle bearings and oil seal? I figure if I am going to tear it all down, I may as well do them at the same time.


Found them:

Oil seal 47x72x10 thank you TCandee

Bearings SKF:
30206 (30 x 62 x 16) good to 11,000 RPM
30207 (35 x 72 x 17) good to 9,500 RPM

Just curious, are these the stock bearings or upgraded from the original?

They are just the spec specified in the Mill manual and built by SKF. I do not know if there are better options (however, they are what Dr. D used).
All the best!

Thanks. Very much appreciated.