3D Filament production

Hello, I am producing 3D filament in Azerbaijan, but I am experiencing problems during production. Can you help me?

Can you provide more details on what your problem is?

Hello. I produce filament, the PLA and Petg I produce remain wet after production. Customers are not satisfied. How can I protect materials from getting wet? I dry raw materials in special drying equipment before production. I just can’t get the dryness I want. Maybe I don’t know if it was necessary to use special additives during production?

  • Hi, when we produce filament, the filaments stay wet. I dry the raw material. I dry the produced Filament but it remains wet. Are any additives used in the production of the filament?
    Thank you for your time

Hi Aliev010,

I recommend contacting the manufacturer of your filament extruder for troubleshooting. Additives do not solve the moisture problem.

You may need a vented (or vacuum) extruder, which is designed specifically to handle polymers with higher levels of moisture. But with the information provided, I can not come to a conclusion on what your problem is as there can be many issues related to bubbles/voids in the material.