As referenced in Dr. D-Flo’s CNC Plasma cutter project (CNC Plasma Cutter - #77 by Dr.D-Flo) I bought the SUNGOLDPOWER CUT50L and I’ve been cutting away with it for a couple years now. One modification I’m interested in making (for the sake of taking up less space) is to move to a machine torch (also called a straight torch) but I’m trying to figure out if they’ll be compatible with my plasma cutter.

One post I read somewhere else said as long as the consumables match my consumables I should be good. But that seems a bit sketchy to me, so I figured I’d come ask here.

Your plasma cutter has an M16 connection, which means you will need a straight torch that matches. that connector. As you mentioned, you also want to match the consumables because those are designed for a specific amperage and air consumption.

I think the linked torch is for a more powerful but may still work.