Correct material for a part

Andi, hello!
Chris here.
Wondering about the correct material to print a specialized part…
in Cinema cameras, the lens focus is usually controlled via a 0.8 pitch geared stepping motor or mechanical drive through a focus gear ring that’s precision friction fitted onto the lens focus barrel.

The material is around 5% elastic, so as not to damage the lens’s rotating focus barrel as it’s press-fitted onto the lens.

The ring itself isn’t usually subjected to a whole lot of stress, but of course it is under elastic tension for most of its service life, which is around 3-5 years, usually. Naturally it should be shock and temperature resistant as well.

Would this be some kind of nylon?

I know that most commercially available rings are 3-D printed, I just don’t know how exactly, or what the rings are made of.

Was wondering, since I need to make these plus other similar camera parts, what specialized printers/parts I would need, since I’m a beginner to 3-D printing as a whole.

Many thanks!