CNC Plasma Cutter

not to side track this but another choice of plasma unit on the cheap end is this one. they even offer a straight torch for a cnc applications for $300 so you could have the hand torch and machine torch to use. this unit has the cnc port as well.

Please can someone give me procedures on how to built CNC plasma cutter

I installed an openbuilds black box on my Plasma table. When I try to jog in openbuilds controller software I do not get movement of my stepper motors. Do I have to have the power supply hooked up or just the power from the USB connection. Any help???

The USB connection only supplies 5V and a small amount of current, which is not sufficient for driving stepper motors. You will need to connect the dedicated 12V or 24V power supply to the blackbox.

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Hey Dr. D-Flow,
Been watching your stuff for a long time man, great to follow. New to here however, which leads to my question. On the list of plasmas, do you have a personal preference from the hynade vs the arcfony. I know someone with the hynade but the other seems very legit? Thanks keep up the awesome work!

Its very hard to pass up the Hynade with machine torch for <$700.

Best of luck with your plasma cutting adventures!

Hi, I recently bought the Arcfony CUT53N PRO, this machine have 2 connections to CNC on the rear of the cutter, the first, with 2 pins conector, for ARC Voltaje, and the other one, with 5 pins. On the Amazon page, I found this image for wiring the switch:

I have too a Blackbox X32 controller, and my question is, must I connect the “2 pin” wire, in colour red, and the “5 pine” in black, to the relay port? In that case, what wire goes to the COM and the NO entry? Thanks for yout help!

The diagram provided by the manufacturer is not clear, but it looks like your trigger signal is pins 2 and 3 of the 5 pin aviation connection (red wires according to the description). Those two pins needs to be wired to the relay (COM and NO) in any order on the BlackBox.

You are right, after some time reading and understanding it. The image says that 2 red wires are short-circuited (like a switch not triggered), but when it is triggered (on the relay), the black wires starts the arc. Did u get the same conclusion?
Thanks David!

The black wires seem to be the “arc ok” signal. Most plasma controllers but not the BlackBox check and see if the plasma arc is successfully established before moving the torch. You can ignore these wires if I am correct.

Hi David, i have some questions about your post processor for Blackbox…in the options for plasma, how can I change the units from IN to MM?

I have 2 questions:

1st: I live in Germany so a lot of the CNC plasma cutters are either not available or are very heavily taxed. Are there other options for us in Europe? I have seen some stuff von Stahlwerk, but I’m not sure it would work out.

2nd: I found a supposed “upgrade” to the Openbuilds LEAD 1010, it’s called the Piranha CNC 1010 by makersupplies. Seeing that the frame is more rigid, would it also work?

(Links: Piranha CNC 1010 -

LEAD 1010 to Piranha Upgrade -

Did you check my guide? Plasma Cutters for Hobbyist CNC Tables

Rigidity is not too big of a concern regarding the gantry because the torch is light and the carriage doesn’t have to overcome any extra force during the cut. The lead1010 works well and I am sure that a more rigid version will work well too.

Hi Felipe,

I would use OpenBuild’s official post processor: GitHub - OpenBuilds/OpenBuilds-Fusion360-Postprocessor: Post Processor for Fusion 360 for use with OpenBuilds Machines running Grbl 1.1

Hello, I am new to CNC and recently purchased a used EZ-Plasma 4x8 plasma table that came with computer with Mach 3 and a couple of other programs that are used for design. The table originally had a Thermal Dynamics A120 connected to it and I was given the 1Torch SL100 machine torch. I also have a THC301.

I am wanting a machine that will be able to at least cut 1/2” steel for the floating staircase I need to build and then maybe a side hustle with sign making years down the road.

Would the Lotos LPT7500CNC be adequate?
The specs say that it has THC Torch Height Controller signal output, does that mean it will hook up to my THC or my THC will connect to it? It looks like my THC has older computer screw in serial port connections.

Also looking at the CUT80NP.

Any help us much appreciated.

Hi Jaypat :wave:

The LTP7500CNC has 100% duty cycle at 50 A, which would cut 1/2" steel at 20-30 ipm. This is a bit slow. If you plan to cut a lot of 1/2" I would look for a cutter that has 100% duty cycle at 65A (or higher) like my Powermax85.

From my understanding of the LTP7500CNC, it has an aviator connector on the back that provides with you access to arc the voltage. I believe this is the raw voltage, which may or may not need to be stepped down with the voltage divider before connecting it to your your torch height controller. A quick google suggests that the THC301 does not need an independent voltage divider.


Hi, I have the same problem as @parlor.
I’m from Italy, and none of the plasma machines on the list is available here.
I found this very cheap one on eBay but I don’t know if it’s truly CNC-compatible

Does anyone know about some Europe-available low-cost Plasma machines?

Hi @NiccoAce,

I am doubtful that specific model is CNC compatible. It doesn’t specify the start method (must be blow-back or moving contact start) and does not have a CNC port on the back of the unit. Further, there is no mention of low frequency operation on the product page.

Do you know any european seller that has a suitable machine?
My budget as i said is around 500€.

I apologize, but I am not familiar with sellers in your region, but as mentioned look for the following keywords/features:

  • Low-Frequency Start or Blow-back start
  • A CNC port on the back of the machine
  • The unit comes with a straight/machine torch

You can also look at the models here and see if there is a unit that looks the same but branded under a different name in your region.