CNC Milling Machine

Its not all its cracked up to be. Takes an enormous amount of time designing the kits. quality parts are expensive when you are buying only one or two. In the long run I think buying a quality kit is the best way to go unless you need specific things that are not offered. You did fine, and documented it well. Trust me, you were up and running months before you would have been if you had made it yourself. Plus, what if you don’t have a mill and lathe to make the mounts??? Kinda hard to do it yourself on the first mill!!!

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By the way, the PDB was by far the best upgrade yet on the pm-25. saves a lot of time when milling a part with many tools. I can’t take credit for the idea and the basic design. this was a Haas plan originally. I purchased his plans and got familiar with it and designed it from there. I used the tormach belleville washers since I am using the tormach tts tooling. This simplified the calculations to make an off the shelf washer combo work.

The PDB should be very similar on the 833tv. the top of the spindle will have to be threaded like it is on the 25MV or something else. other than that it should be identical functionally speaking.

I located 2 used air cylinders that should work on a PDB for the 833tv. I had to buy the pair. If you would like to buy one for your build let me know. Only $125 plus shipping. I will be testing it on my mill once they come in to make
sure they are strong enough. They are on paper but that has proven wrong before.

If you have success with that cylinder, then I would be happy to take it off your hand for $125. Keep me posted. I probably won’t get into a PDB installation until the summer.

Cool. Still waiting on delivery.

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These air cylinders are too big. I must have looked up the wrong model #. Anyway. I’ll probably order the fabco air cylinder.

I have the conversion kit installed now. Had to remake several parts due to my servo selection and PM randomly drilling and tapping holes.

Working on modifying the spindle motor mount to fit my motor now.

I put the stand on a sawstop hydralic mobile base so I can move it around. Had to modify the leveling legs too.

That is looking great man! Very impressive. How did you modify the leveling legs?

I ran the tubing and angle all the way through the stand, welded them in place and welded nuts on each end with all thread. Had to move them to fit the mobile base as is. I’ve used these sawstop bases before and they are super strong
and roll really well with 1000lbs on them.

I have the spindle motor working and most of the control cabinet built. Working on limits now. Already almost burnt up the spindle bearings. They are too tight from the factory. Nothing new there. I planned on changing them out
for some skf bearings and Kluber grease. Received those a day or so ago. Should be able to get 6000 rpms.

Todd Candee

I finished the PDB and spindle VFD and motor. All controlled by software.

Just need to build the enclosure.

Dang! You work quickly. I am starting to get a little jealous of your closed looped stepper motors… If possible could you throw up a link to your spindle encoder?

Koyo, TRD-S2500VD, Incremental…

I used some close loop steppers on my lathe and I really like them. If you loose steps the program stops. Instead of going on cutting in the wrong spot. They are quite a bit more expensive unfortunately. Especially if you don’t go with the Chinese knockoffs. Spent about $1800 on these but they are nice and very strong. 1133 and 2800 oz/in.

I just got the spindle VFD speed range dialed in. I am able to get 50rpms to 5940rpms in vector speed mode. After I broke the new SDK bearings in I ran it for 20 min at 5940 rpms and it only got to about 90 deg. Should work really well. I usually tap at around 350 rpm. on my other mill I have to switch to a lower gear and I can still stop the spindle with my hand. Not this one!!! The difference being 2hp vs 1.1 hp and the vector mode VFD. Going to put one of these VFDs on my lathe too and see if it makes a difference.

By the way, I found out why my spindle got so hot before. The oil seal at the end of the spindle is too tight. If you run without it, no heat. Just though you should know. I ordered a new one that is slightly larger inner diameter. 47mm(45mm originally)x72mmx10mm. so if your spindle end is getting hot this is probably why. This amount of heat will cause bearing failure and tool longevity.

I’ve recently converted to linuxcnc and I’m i can’t for the life of me get the tool measurement to work. I used the documentation on this site to get going but I’m definitely missing something.

Hey man,

Let’s see if we can get you sorted out. Is it a wiring issue? Like the Hal meter doesn’t show the signal changing when you press the tool touch off plate?

The hal meter shows the change but the mill doesn’t respond. This thing is really getting to me.

What LinuxCNC GUI are you using? Probebasic?

Just double checking, the Hal meter changed states for the probe-in signal on the hal meter? And not just the pin signal?

I’m using probe basic. The probe and tool setter trigger the probe in signal in the hal meter but linuxcnc doesn’t recognize the tool setter when i try to measure a tool.

Ok it might be a problem with ProbeBasic.

Are you using the “quick start install” (i.e. stable) version of probe basic found here: ?

The development version always has weird bugs. I found that out the hard way.

Unfortunately, I probably can’t be much help if its an issue with your installation of ProbeBasic because I have not come across that problem. However, I strongly recommend chatting with the developers over on discord ( They are super helpful. Please let me know what the solution was though.